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SEO Packages

Beginning SEO for Small Business Owners

The first thing you must realize is that marketing with a web site involves the study of data. If you want to market on the internet and you don’t want to learn about the data, then you must hire someone to do it for you. Otherwise your are throwing money down the drain. What you don’t want to happen is to ignore local search only to find out that your competitor didn’t!

The good news is that’s it’s easier to rank for relevant keyword phrases in your local market than it is in the whole Google enchilada. To start down the path of knowing about the visitors to your site, you need to have everything in the two packages below installed and working. If you have some of this done and need help with the rest, give us a call or drop an email. We’d be happy to fill in the gaps for you and advise you on how to proceed from where you are now.

Leave your name and email in the form over on the left, and I’ll send you a free pdf that tells you everything you need to understand about Google’s Local Business Center, now merged with Google Places. A properly optimized Local Business Center listing is by far the most valuable thing you can do to bring local customers to your web site.

Don’t forget that when a visitor arrives at your site, there should be a clear call to action for them to take. So many people get this wrong. You should have something of value to offer them. Perhaps a buyers guide or FAQ for your particular market. Don’t let that valuable lead slip away!

LBC (Local Business Center) Starter package

There are a lot of business owners who haven’t gotten around to creating a web site yet. They just don’t have the time to deal with all the decisions and technical details you really don’t care about. Of course there is the cost issue too… not good! We’re offering you a simple, affordable solution to get past all of that.

  • We’ll do some research and determine the best search phrases for your company
  • Purchase and set up a one year web host account at Bluehost (value $97.00)
  • Register a relevant domain name
  • Create a WordPress based web site with the minimum required pages of content
  • Set up a Google account and Analytics on the web site
  • Create a listing for the company in Google Places
  • Create one video and upload to Youtube, creating a Youtube channel
  • Create a training video to show you how to look at your traffic in Google Analytics
  • Deliver a monthly report to you for the next 6 months to summarize your traffic
First Installment $250.00
Second Installment $247.00
Complete Package $497.00

First Things First

There is certain baseline information every business owner should know for their web site. You must have Google Analytics installed and know what your data looks like. You should know what your 2 – 4 primary keyword phrases are and where pages on your site rank for these kw’s in Google places, local and universal search. You should know how many back links you have to your site and what if any page rank your site has. You should know exactly where all your visitors come from and how many there are.

We will spend a month evaluating your traffic for you if you’ve never had Google Analytics installed. If you have GA installed but don’t pay much attention to it, we’ll check it out for you and tell you what’s happening.

Here’s a list of what we’ll do:

  • Install/verify Google Analytics installation
  • Perform keyword analysis for your market
  • Check to see where your pages rank in local & universal search for your keyword phrases
  • Evaluate your site traffic for 30 days and tell you where it’s coming from
  • Provide a report detailing recommendations for increasing your bottom line

The Check Up

This package begins with a First Things First if needed. We then complete additional research about your web site. We are especially looking to see if it’s set up right for local search. There is a difference between a site ranking in local vs. universal results. We’ll make sure that we look for important, on page SEO features as well. We’ll also set up a Google account for you if you haven’t done so and claim your Google Places listing so that it’s safe. This package is essentially a continuation of the information gathering phase that began with First Things First. After completing this package you will have all the information necessary to make informed decisions and observe the results. Here’s the full list of the tasks we perform:

  • Evaluate the meta descriptions of all important pages for length, kw’s and content
  • Check for H1 tags on all relevant pages for keywords
  • Check page titles on all relevant pages for keywords
  • Install Google Analytics (GA), study data for 30 days
  • Look for call to action on all relevant pages
  • Check site for anchor text relevant back links
  • Determine clients keywords, generate Market Samurai (MS) report, evaluate data
  • MS reports will tell us where your site pages rank for all relevant keyword phrases
  • MS will tell us what keyword phrases have traffic, and how much
  • MS has a rank tracker which will allow us to easily view individual pages performance in search as you drive traffic to it
  • We will claim/create/verify Google Places listing in Local Business Center (LBC), map location
  • Verify that LBC address matchs website
  • Verify/correct keyword phrases in all parts of LBC
  • Verify/install LBC images & video (does not include video production!)
  • Set up Google Analytics to track LBC visitors
  • Add reviews and citations

We’ll take about a month to complete this evaluation. When we are done we will know exactly what’s going on with your site, be able to recommend a logical approach to increase your web traffic, and measure the results as they happen with complete traceability. If you decide you’re not ready to spend any more money at this time, you will at least know a lot about your web traffic and have the ability to watch it, the GA account will stay with you of course!


Take Action and Prosper!

When you decide you want to move forward with increased web traffic and revenue, we’ll come up with a monthly plan to accomplish your goals. Remember that everything we do works to increase traffic, it’s just a matter of time and effort as far as what results you see. We will work with any budget! Also realize that every site is different, and every market is different, so there is always experimentation and testing involved in marketing on the internet. It is not a cut and dry deal, however the yellow pages are gone for ever.

If you know these things about your site, you will be able to easily recognize the results of SEO efforts and measure your ROI. That’s what makes SEO done right so valuable, the results are measurable. You should also know what your average lifetime customer value is, and realize that a site page that ranks well in Google Universal search makes everything else easier and less expensive. Be sure to know what the goal of your site is, opt-ins, outright sales, lead generation, etc. Then test different things and see what works for your market.

The beauty of marketing on the internet is that when you have done things right, and allowed time for your efforts to perform their magic, you will be rewarded with free traffic to your web site. Afterwards, it’s just a matter of staying ahead of yor competition and maintaining your rankings.