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Your website design is Pretty, but is it Smart and Pretty?

website design
Once upon a time, you agreed to hire a web designer. That web designer provided you with a website design that was a beautiful, photo filled site. You may even have a bunch of blue underlined words on your pages that lead the visitor back and forth between your 5 to 10 other pretty pages. When people visit your website they see all the pretty pictures and say, “Your website is very pretty!”
Well pretty is great, if someone already has your web address. But…

How do you get internet surfers to your site?

You take a pretty website design and make it smart and pretty!

Pretty: is important, we like to call it “visually stimulating.” Just like you are more likely to talk to someone you find attractive, you are more likely to stay on a site that has some eye appeal.

Smart: is how your site performs in search results. Most internet inquiries are done on Google. There are certain criteria a website design needs to be “ranked” on Google regularly. SLW Consulting focuses on boosting your Google rankings by adjusting, testing, analyzing then readjusting accordingly.
If you have been working with a web designer and they provided you with a pretty website, Perfect! Design is not our specialty, Results are! How do you know if there is activity on your site. You need to discover what your audience (traffic) is interested in and give them more of it, regularly. You need relevant pictures and links to other places of relevant interest on your site. Let us analyze your site to see if it is smart and pretty, because just being pretty won’t bring in new business. It will only let people window shop. You want your site visits to actually turn into contact, so you can close the deal.The early tactics of “a place” on the web is not going to cut it anymore. You need activity on your site.

Think about it… don’t you hate clicking on Google search results to only end up looking at a screen of stuff that you don’t want to read.

SLW Consulting knows this. We are ahead of the curve through our constant contact with the gurus. What they know and are willing to share are the trends that change the progress and success of each and every website, if you’re smart enough to pay attention. Let us do that for you, it’s our job; Then you can spend more time doing your job and together we will build your business!
Contact SLW Consulting and let us make your website design smart and pretty.