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Why is Marketing My Small Business on the Internet So Complicated?

Local search, social media, content creation… how are you supposed to learn and do all of these things and still run a business?

Like anything worthwhile, you have to just chip away at it, one step at a time. That’s one of the concepts of marketing on the internet that is frustrating to small business operators. In the good old days you just bought as much Yellow Pages space as you could afford, maybe run some newspaper ads, and life was good.

Now, not only do you need a website to market your business, but you have to work to get traffic to it, and then figure out how to get them to take some action…Read More –

The SEO Sharks are After Your Money!

Do you need SEO (search engine optimization) help with your business web site?

If you’re like most business owners the answer is yes! You see, most sites have been built by a web designer whose primary goal was to build a site that you thought looked nice, a sort of art show you might say. The problem is that the vast majority of web designers out there don’t have a clue how to build a site with the proper SEO to get the free traffic flowing from Google search results.

So why not go for one of those many offers you receive almost weekly to have an “SEO Expert” do their magic and get you on page one of the SERP’s? They make a lot of nice promises, and they work pretty cheap too. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them are fly by nights who just got turned on the the idea of selling their services to help local businesses with their sites.

Many of the things they advertise doing for your SEO will actually hurt your rankings, especially if you’ve had your site online for a while. My suggestion is simple. When you’re ready for some real SEO work, hire someone local so you can meet face to face with them. Then ask them for references of other business owners that you can talk to. When you talk to the business owners, ask them how much improvement they saw from the work done and how much traffic their site gets. If they can’t answer these questions, don’t hire the person who did the work!

SEO is not cheap, but done correctly it will bring and endless flow of free traffic to your site. If your site is designed right, you’ll see more sales and leads. That is the only bottom line that maters, skip the art shows.

For more ideas on where to start with SEO for your web site see my page on SEO Packages here!