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The web sites below are examples of web properties that work!

This sampling of sites that have been developed by SLW Consulting cover a wide range of specific goals to the business owner. Some are direct sales sites using shopping carts, others are simply a fancy business card that act as a target for Google Adwords campaigns and Places listings, and generate leads in the form of emails and phone calls. No matter what your business needs are, SLW Consulting can build a web property that will become the anchor of your internet marketing program.

The screen shots below are links to the actual sites, feel free to browse and see how they actually look!

albuquerque dentist
Dr. Alicia Abeyta, DDS took over a dental practice from another retiring dentist in Albuquerque. The practice had an existing web site but Dr. Abeyta was looking for a fresh look to go along with her new approach to dentistry.

Her internet marketing results have been strong enough that she is cutting her Yellow Pages ad to a bare minimum next year!

albuquerque tutor
Mark Ayers over at A+ Academic Coaching wanted a lead generation system. The best way to do that is to begin with a site properly constructed to do well in the search engines.

Combine that with an Aweber autoresponder system to automate emails to your leads, and you have a site that works well with organic and paid traffic as well.

Here’s an example of a very simple WordPress install designed to collect input about a potential market for a small manufacturer. Traffic is routed from two e-commerce sites to this site where people comment on blog posts.

WordPress does well in search rankings for many reasons. This site ranked on page one for a low traffic but potentially valuable search phrase within a couple of weeks.

charter school
The Los Puentes charter schooluses a simple WordPress design. The ability to easily ad and delete content from a web site is another plus for WordPress. A school has the need for frequently changing content, making this setup ideal.

More recently, some of the teachers have started uploading content for students to download, making it a little easier for everyone.

custom furniture
Andy over at Watersong Custom Furniture had us build this site several years ago. It’s a standard html site, no WordPress. Andy runs his business single handed and likes to think of his web property as a part time employee.

When he talks with a lead, he can direct them to his online catalog of past furniture he has produced. After a while looking through his site, the customer has a great feel for what Andy does and the ensuing sales process is streamlined considerably.

gymnastics grips

This site and the next one below it are e-commerce sites selling a hard retail product with a shopping cart. The interesting thing is that they both belong to the same manufacturer, US Glove Inc. Even more interesting is that they sell basically the same products

tiger paw wrist supports
You may ask why do this? All that extra work! Here’s the deal. The more space you occupy in any market for a given search, the more revenue you generate. It’s simply a matter of displacing your competition from the eyes of your customers by pushing them down in the search results.

In this example it delivered in excess of a 600% increase of retail internet sales in two years.

albuquerque therapeutic massage
Here’s another simple WordPress install that gave this Albuquerque massage therapist a cost effective web presence. If you have a business that serves a local market, you absolutely must have a well designed, SEO friendly site to list in Google PLaces.

There is nothing that comes close to the value of the free site traffic that can be had from maps and local searches. If you don’t do this you’re leaving money on the table!

albuquerque auto repair
Alan over at Wyoming Service Center decided it was time to bring hisAlbuquerque auto repair business into the internet era. Like many small business owners, he didn’t feel like he was getting much bang for his buck on all that cash he was giving to the Yellow Pages every month.

This WordPress install gives him a great site to list in Google Places as well as driving Adwords traffic to it. Ad extensions with phone numbers are a nice touch for a business like Alan’s as well!

holistic therapist

Jude needed a site to gather leads as well as sell some self help CD’s she markets. The WordPress site has a simple purchase system using a free Paypal account to process sales. As aholistic therapist and published author, Jude has done a great job getting her site recognized as an authority site by the search engines with a comprehensive link building strategy though online publishing of articles.

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