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I just wanted to take a couple minutes and tell you about a cool new feature in Google Adwords.

Look at this screen shot-
The graphic you see on the right section of this screen shot pops out when the searcher clicks on that little magnifying glass at the end of the first line of my ad. This feature has been available on organic search results for a short time now, but the Adwords option is very new. In addition to giving the searcher a preview of the landing page for the ad, it shows a short text snippet as well. It’s up to Google what text it thinks is most relevant but some experimentation cold be done to optimize this.

There are a couple of things to note here. First is that gray box on my home page. For some reason Google doesn’t capture the still image from my Youtube video. You wouldn’t want that to be at the top of the page, too ugly. Also, the image at the top right of my page isn’t showing, but the buttons are. They’re just linked images, not sure why the difference.

I think the main take away is that if your running Google Adwords (and you should be, more on that soon!) you should check your preview and optimize your landing page so that it is attractive and compels the searcher to click on your ad.