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WordPress Video Tutorials

I’ve produced a series of short videos to help my clients work in their WordPress web sites. If there’s something you would like to know but don’t see here, I take requests!

How to Log In to WordPress Site –

If you’re brand new to WordPress, you may have forgotten how to log in to your WordPress dashboard. This video covers that!


Creating a Post in WordPress –

The very basics to create a simple post to your WordPress blog.


Creating a Page in WordPress –

Sometimes you may need a static page in your WordPress install instead of a blog post. Examples are content that needs to be accessed frequently, like a coupon download page, or just a page to link to on your navigation menu. Here’s how you do it.


Creating Backlinks in WordPress –

Back links with relevant anchor text are one of the main benefits to a WordPress install. Here’s how you do it!


Beginners Guide to Google Analytics –

A career can be made from just Google Analytics alone. Here’s a very brief introduction.