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SLW Consulting

We are Your e-commerce Repairmen!

  • Web Site Design and Repair – Lots of people build web sites, only a few build them correctly.

  • Basic SEO – If you don’t know what this is We Need to Talk! Without proper on page SEO you’re throwing your money away.

  • Management of Google Adwords Accounts – Done correctly, you’re instant source for relevant site traffic

We’ll keep it simple and inexpensive to establish a Worthwhile Internet Presence. If you’ve had a web site created in the past and find yourself wondering why you did it because it hasn’t seemed to make a difference in your bottom line, then you are ready for the next step, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your site. Our goal is to provide Small to Medium sized Business Owners with an affordable solution to grow their customer base, and make the phone ring.

To learn more about getting some return on the money you invested in your web site check out this page on establishing a Google presence. I find that most business owners are way too busy to understand the details of internet marketing. Many don’t even have a clear picture of where their web site traffic comes from. Our mission is to help you get a handle on all this and make the internet work for you.

Keeping up with the latest policy’s at Google is a time consuming task. We monitor the changes and help you quickly implement them in your marketing efforts. Lot’s of people come to you with outrageous claims about what they can do for your business on the web. Simply ask them one question, do you have data to back your claims? At SLW Consulting, the answer is yes. Our portfolio if clients ranges from e-commerce shopping carts to therapists and dentists. We can show you data in every market we work in to verify our results, Don’t Be Scammed!

Make sure to check out the blog for video tutorials and more information about getting your web site ranked in Google!